The Heart of Woodbridge

About Us

Marketlane Shopping Centre is the epicentre of Old Woodbridge. Located in the heart of Woodbridge, Marketlane provides over 80,000 sq.ft of retail, service, food, and office space which caters to all your daily needs. 

Understanding that the experience of shopping is more than just a transaction. Marketlane is a cross between the convenience of shopping close to home and experiences where memories are made. 

We understand that a connection to the local Woodbridge community was paramount in making Marketlane a “Place where people come together”. Whether it’s watching the World Cup or Euro Cup outdoors or the live music outside our restaurants, Marketlane is not just where you shop but where people come together to enjoy life with friends and family

Beautifully landscaped and providing outdoor patios, Marketlane creates a metropolitan feel in the heart of the suburbs.